Public Outreach Sites

To capture the public's attention, your outreach website must offer a rich user experience that encourages two-way participation. Forming lasting relationships with your target users, and inviting them to participate in the conversation, is one of the best ways to guarantee the success of your online outreach campaign.

Using this philosophy, STLi has become one of the leading developers of Web-based community networks over the past 10 years. Our suite of online facilities help bring like-minded people together, allowing them to effectively communicate and collaborate towards a shared goal. Online community networks provide many benefits, including:

  • Added value to your site at no additional cost – new content is generated by the users themselves
  • Incentives for visitors to return frequently and remain engaged
  • Streamlined organizational functions, such as event registrations or distribution of materials
  • Valuable demographic information about your audience and how your campaign is performing

Combining education with incentive programs helps drive people to act. There are many different types of incentives to choose from, whether it be tangible or virtual awards and prizes, the opportunity to compete, or simply receiving positive recognition among peers.

Integration with social media sites helps further extend your reach by offering sharing and networking potential beyond that of a single website.

Contact us for ideas on how we can help you build an online outreach campaign that's engaging, fun, and compelling.

May is Bike Month

From 2005-2018 we developed and maintained the acclaimed Sacramento May is Bike Month site, allowing nearly 10,000 area cyclists compete for prizes while collectively logging 2 million cycling miles.

YSP Connect

On YSP Connect, Sacramento-area Youth Service Providers create profiles, join discussion groups, and post news and events. An interactive map-based directory allows the public to locate youth services.

The Little Rock Foundation

The Little Rock Foundation's website and blog provides extensive resource information for blind and visually-impaired children and their parents. They can also sign up to keep in touch with Foundation news, events, and program information.